Frequently asked Questions

Why is the control so strange
The implementation of the ingenious mouse control within Oxyd in the 90s to touch control was a real challenge. To make it feel real, you have to consider friction on the ground and the weight of the ball. Since Kulla-di-Bulla is seen and played from above, the Apple Sprite Kit does not provide good internal support and you actually programming against the Physics Engine. Without the weight of the ball, we could use continuous ball control, but the ball "sticks" practically to the finger and the levels become super easy. We checked this with the beta testers and decided the recent control as best compromise. Even its very difficult to get used to it. Thanks to all who have taken the challenge and still give good rating on the AppStore!
The music does not go out when I close the game
Kulla-di-Bulla does not have its own music, but plays your song library on the iPad or iPhone. If the music is played when the game is finished, you can easily find the player controls by swiping from the button up. Then you have player keys available: Pause/Play
Somehow the music does not fit the game style
Since I myself often get annoyed with game background music, I decided instead boring you with my music, simply to play your music in the internal player. I think you like your own music, even if it doesn't match the game style perfect
Is the control in the 3D version the same as in the 2D
In the 3D version there is gravity available and the weight of the ball plus its friction on the ground play a role. This makes it possible to implement a super-real control which is intuitive, but still not too easy. The control in the 3D version is the way I have imagined it to be optimal. Try it, the first 15 levels are free