For all fans of my Kulla-di-Bulla: Now it goes into the third DIMENSION !!!
After almost a year of hard work now finally in 3D

Check your Hardware, full 3D game experience is only available from iPhone 5S # and iPad Air. For older devices, the 3D effects are almost switched off...

Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
Please send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How the game works

With Kulla-Di-Bulla, you control your player ball "Bulla" through lots of different 3D worlds. From the simplest to really difficult levels and I hope you take the challenges!
What you need in each case is skill, a steady hand, sometimes patience, a sense of puzzling and also fun to try some non logical things. In any case, a lot of fun is guaranteed ...

The first 15 levels are free and you get 105 total in the Pro version
  • 105 level of absolute fun from Easy to Hard, everything is there
  • 45 more levels for the Pro version are already planned, stay tuned
  • Control completely re-designed, control the ball how you like it most
  • Level preview in the level selection to find your favorite level quickly
  • my level rating from simple (green) to heavy (red) protects you from frustration
  • special background music created for the game
  • your own music playback can continue during the game
  • full AirPlay support, so you can play on your Super TV
  • controllable without looking at the display; optimal for AirPlay
  • completely open levels: play any level whenever you like
  • full playable Birds Eye view to keep the level under control
  • Highscore timer for each level: if you know how to do it, cut down your timing
  • universal app for iPhone and iPad with customized playing fields
  • latest 3D technology thanks to APPLE Scenekit with the version for iOS 9
  • full 3D performance from iPhone 5s and iPad Air devices or higher
  • 10 worlds each 15 levels with different control modes: touch and gyro
  • bilingual German / English in the app switchable
  • there is an in-game help available as inApp Purchase
  • Highscore Reset can be set in the App Settings

Have fun with Kulla-di-Bulla 3D from the Developer...