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150 levels of 3D gameplay 15 levels in the freeware and currently 105 in the full version with optimized touch control. Another 45 levels are planned. Optional in-game help, if you lose your patience...
Against boredom Many enemies and level types: Multiball, Timer and Gyro-Control
Open Level Selection All levels are open, you could play each whenever you like. With difficulty info...
The classic 2D Game The 2D version with 150 Level and lots of challenges
Thousands of Fans With the 2D version I've got lots of 5* Ratings in the AppStore
MP3 Player Play your own music during the game with title info bar
Level Help Level help as InGame feature or here on the web site

for the hard levels

Online Guides

  • To make the difficult levels in the 2D version more solvable, you will find some info and level tips above. Especially for Kulla-di-Bulla 2D very interesting, since this app has no InGame help
  • Kulla-di-Bulla 3D offers an integrated InGame help for 99 cents, which shows you secret passages and the colors of the game stones. A real help when it gets too hard ...
  • In both game versions you will find help sheets for collecting. It is usually worth reading this before it starts. With the Help InApp Purchase in the 3D version, they show a little more ...